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Used Upright Pianos

The gift of music has become even more important in the lives of Americans as we endure unprecedented obstacles in our daily lives. Many musicians are using this time to explore the option of purchasing their own piano. Considering space and budgetary constraints, a smart option may be the acquisition of a used upright piano. For quality and value, the elite choice for home pianists are used upright Steinway pianos.

Long regarded as an elite brand in pianos, Steinway pianos offer unparalleled sound and beauty for pianists worldwide. All used upright Steinway pianos have been meticulously serviced by piano artisans to restore the lush sounds and beautiful cabinetry to their original condition.
The restorative properties of music are surprisingly affordable as used upright pianos from Steinway sell at a fraction of their original sales price. Perfect for apartments or limited spaces, these used upright pianos enhance the beauty and elegance of any home.

For an extensive and ever-changing selection of used upright pianos, consumers are invited to visit Piano Gallery Outlet. Musicians are invited to contact our piano experts to discuss our current inventory. We’ll answer any questions you may have on any of our used upright Steinway pianos.