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Piano Restoration

PianoGalleryOutlet is pleased to offer the highest level restoration services to our clients. Whether you are looking to restore your cherished family heirloom, or breathe new life into a grand or upright piano that isn’t meeting your expectations, PianoGalleryOutlet will work with you to customize a rebuild solution.

We will address the three major areas of restoration:

I. The Belly

The “guts” of the piano. Soundboard, pinblock, strings, and more. These elements are the foundation for good piano tone.

II. The Action

The moving parts of the keyboard. The is the first place that the pianist interfaces with instrument. Action restoration addresses your satisfaction with the touch and tone of the instrument.

III. The Case

Work to restore the beauty of the outside of the piano.

We will work with you in a five-step process:


A member of our staff, highly experienced in piano rebuilding, will work with you to explain all the details regarding restoration of your instrument. Once we have an understanding of your goals and budget, we will provide you with a free comprehensive written estimate for the project, as well as different levels of restoration and commensurate pricing.


Our highly skilled piano movers will coordinate with you for the pickup of your instrument for transport to our rebuilding facility.


Steinway factory-trained craftsmen will attend to the restoration of your piano with the same attention to detail it received when it was originally built. Hundreds of man-hours will be invested to ensure your piano meets your exacting tastes.


Our movers will ensure the safe transport of your instrument, now newly restored!

Post-delivery follow up

Concert level piano technicians will tune, regulate, and custom voice your piano to match your tastes and the acoustics of your room. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Our rebuilds are found in institutions, concert venues, and customers homes like yours all over the country! Contact Us today to find out more.